You’re invited to belong with us

Arise is a beautiful multigenerational community that is becoming steadily more ethnically diverse.

We are made up of people from a variety of backgrounds, worldviews, and political perspectives who are unified by our love for Jesus and our desire to become more like Him.

selective focus photography of woman praying

We’re all in it together

Jesus said “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations” (Mark 11:17). At Arise we take this description seriously by keeping prayer at the center of everything we do. We believe the world is transformed when the Church, and each member of the Church, become walking houses of prayer through whom people can encounter Jesus.

We carry the power and presence of God everywhere we go.


We want to see each person fall more in love with Jesus, encounter His conversational presence, discover their Belovedness, grow in their unique gifts and calling, and be equipped to boldly carry His presence into their everyday situations.


The Church is the Body of Christ. That means the primary way people will see and encounter Him is by looking at us. We want to learn how to be the best representatives of Jesus we can be.


The Church is the family of God, a group of ragtag people who become brothers and sisters through Jesus. As a church we choose to be with one another, celebrate one another, care for one another, and by this love, show the world what it means to follow Jesus.

selective focus photography of woman praying

We are in an exciting season as a church.

After a long season of decline, the church sought Jesus, repented of old patterns, and has worked hard to rebuild. Our church is alive! The halls are filled with kids. There is joy and laughter. People are encountering Jesus and being baptized. Life-long Christians are falling back in love with Jesus. Hard hearts are being softened. The Holy Spirit is at work. And lots of prayers are being prayed… and answered!

We often ask our new members what drew them to our church and hear responses like:

  • “The people here are so friendly. “
  • “We love that prayer is so central.”
  • “The sermons are deep, practical, and convicting.”
  • “The leadership are really passionate about Jesus.”
  • “We love the vision of the church.”
  • “The people in the church are genuinely excited about what God is doing here.”
  • “We sense the presence of God at work here.”

What’s drawing you to Arise?

We want to be a place where you can belong

that you would experience friendships where you are known and loved for who you are; that you would grasp more fully the extent of God’s love for you and desire to work through you; that you would feel like your gifts and experience have a place to be expressed; and where you are excited to participate in a shared vision and rhythm of life as we pursue Jesus together. We are designed for relationship, so we are best positioned to grow when we are part of a loving community chasing Jesus TOGETHER.

Whether you are exploring faith, curious about Jesus, looking for relational connections, or ready to jump into God’s mission in your neighborhood, you’re welcome to walk with us.

Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings are a good introduction to our community, where we all gather to sing, pray, learn, and connect, with the aim of being filled up and sent our into our normal every day life..


We have a number of small communities that gather in homes to eat, laugh, learn, and support one another.

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Activities and Events

We have regular activities—Sundays in the park, potlucks, conferences, trivia nights, work days, camping trips, weekends away, etc—where we can let our hair down and have fun together.

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Spiritual Growth

There are ways to dive in spiritually—studying the Bible, discipleship classes, worshipping together, interceding for the city.

Serve with us

And there are opportunities to serve our church and neighborhood, using your abilities to bless others.


To belong is to invest as much as to receive. As with any church, your sense of belonging increases over time as you invest your time and talents into the community. At Arise Church, we see a formal membership process as a helpful discipleship tool. Our membership covenant is a way of expressing your commitment to journey with us actively as we chase God together. As your sense of belonging increases you may want to consider becoming a member, deepening your involvement by entering into covenant with one another and committing to bear responsibility for the growth and effectiveness of our church.

How would you like to belong?

I want to get connected

I’d like to serve

I have a dream or idea to share

I’d like to share a testimony, story, or word