Ministries – Arise Book Groups

Be True, Be Kind, Be Bold.

We are committed to being lifelong learners. Our Book Group is a simple way we try to cultivate humility and teachability. Each month we pick a book to read that either helps us lean into one of our six practices, engages with historical Christian figures/classic literature, or exposes us to alternative perspectives. We are committed to read broadly and from a variety of viewpoints, particularly those we don’t necessarily see eye-to-eye with, seeking to understand and then apply what we learn.

If you are interested in hanging with our pastor to discuss some challenging content, then the process is simple: 

  1. Get your hands on the book,
  2. Read the book (or listen to the audiobook)
  3. Come ready to share your highlights and how God is challenging you to respond.

Note: You do not need to attend our church to participate, but you must be willing to maintain a humble and teachable posture and able to engage in respectful dialogue with people you don’t agree with.

Some previous books:
How to Hear God – Pete Grieg
Deeply Formed Life – Rich Villodas
Making Room – Christine Pohl
Glittering Vices – Rebecca DeYoung
Rees Howells: Intercessor – Norman Grubb
Prayer in the Night – Tish Harrison Warren
The Story of a Soul – St Therese of Lisieux (Tan Classics)
Forgive: Why Should I and How Can I? – Timothy Keller
The Autobiography of Malcom X
Art and Faith: A Theology of Making – Makoto Fujimura
You’re Only Human – Kelly Kapic
How To Worship A King by – Zach Neese
Restless Devices – Felicia Wu Song
Tell Her Story – Nijay K. Gupta
George Mueller of Bristol – A.T. Pierson
Learning Humility – Richard Foster
Baby Dinosaurs on the Ark? – Janet Kellogg Ray

woman reading book while sitting on chair