Ministries – Prayer

Be True, Be Kind, Be Bold.


Prayer moves the hand that moves the world. It is central to intimacy with God, it is essential for transformation, and it is the fuel behind all ministry impact. We have prayer threaded throughout all our ministries, and have key times where we gather in intercession.


We have chosen to prioritize gathering as a church on Sundays from 9:00-9:40am to intercede for the service and the community. You are welcome to join us. There is no childcare provided (yet) during this time, but kids—and the noise they bring—is welcome!


A handful of us gather on Tuesdays @ 4pm to pray for the church prayer requests. You are welcome to join any time you are able.


You are invited to pray with our Leadership Team on zoom on the first Thursday of each month as we pray for the Church and take time to listen to God on behalf of the church.

Prayer Room

The Prayer Room is simply a room dedicated to prayer. Our room is designed to help you pray: There are stations for interactive praying; art supplies allow people to express their prayers creatively; books and prayer guides help divide the hour and walk us through meaningful prayer times. Over time the room fills up with prayer requests and artwork that depict the unity of the church in prayer, increases our awareness of the needs in our community, and further inspires and teaches us about prayer.


You can reserve our prayer room by visiting:


A couple of times a year we engage in 24-7 Prayer, praying around the clock for the city. Throughout the Bible we see examples of God calling people to engage him night and day; from God’s creation of Adam and Eve for unhindered communion with Him (Gen 1-2), to the unceasing worship of Revelation (4:8-9). In the tabernacle and temple we see patterns and structures for worshipping God 24-7, we see it in the words of the poets and prophets (eg. Ps 1:2; Isa 62:6-7), we see it in the life of Jesus—who engaged regular structured times of prayer, as well as His life of continual intercession—and we see it in the Pauline commands to pray continually (Rom 12:12 ; Eph 6:18-20; Phil 4:4-6; Col 4:2; 1 Thes 5:17). And so we seek to be faithful to this call!

man sitting on chair holding and surrounded by people